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Press releases

Aegon Bank has set up an additional Covered Bond Program

May 10, 2021

Aegon Bank has set up an additional Covered Bond Program, using a Soft Bullet structure. Any new covered bonds issuances are expected to take place under this program.

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Aegon Bank N.V.'s financial strength ratings provide comfort to clients and partners and support business growth. Our issuer credit ratings are an additional tool to help investors assess Aegon Bank N.V.'s credit quality and support the company's financial flexibility by allowing easier access to the debt and capital markets.

Ratings reflect the opinion of the individual rating services regarding Aegon Bank N.V.'s financial strength, operating performance and claims paying ability.

S&P Global

  • Stable outlook for issuer credit rating
  • Credit rating: A-
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Debt programs

Aegon Bank N.V. can issue debt under its Soft Bullet Covered Bond program and can issue Senior Unsecured notes. In the past, Aegon Bank N.V. issued debt through its Conditional Pass-Through Covered Bond program. In addition, Aegon Bank N.V. has set up and retained a SAECURE RMBS transaction. See more information below.

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